How to make money from blogging { Beginner Guide }


How To Make Money From Blogging ? Do you know that today there are many people who are earning good amount of money online by doing blogging .

if you are one of them living such lifestyle and want to change your lifestyle. So that you make some extra income every month, then read this article ” How to make money from blogging “ completely.

Let me tell you with an example so that you get idea about how much money you will earn from blogging . if you have even a little knowledge about blogging, then you already know Harsh Agarwal who is a owner of .

he is an Indian blogger who run a blog name and earn 20 lakh per month from his blog . He shares his knowledge related to Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing on his blog.

now you get a rough idea about how much you can earn from blogging . But you not know how to make money from blogging .

These days Blogging is the best way to make money online every month sitting at home and also you can share your knowledge related to any topic you have to the whole world .

Blogging is a very big topic in itself and it is little to difficult to understand, people who understand it well they become rich sitting at home, and those who do not understand they give up as soon as they don’t see any progress in blogging .

Blogging is such a field in which the more research you do, you will get to know many new ways through which you will be able to earn money form blogging . that’s why today I am going to tell you some such methods, which if you follow well, then you will get complete information about how to make money from blogging .

So let’s start. 

How to choose a blog topic

Before knowing How to make money from blogging you have to find out which topic you are interested in. Like on which topic you can write a blog. The topic can be anything, but you should have complete information related to that topic so that you can provide good content.

You can write your blog in any language it is not necessary that you have to write blog in English only, write your blog in whatever language you feel comfortable in. These days google promoting all the local language , so that they can start a blog with there own local language .

Talking about content, if you do not know how to write blog posts, then you can hire a content writer who can write articles for you, but this way you find it difficult to get success in blogging . Because To get successful in blogging , if you write your blog on your own, you can share your thoughts and emotion with your readers/audience through your blogpost .

with the help of your article , your audience feel more connected to you . This way chances are higher to get success in blogging .

Now if you have decided on which topic you want to write a blog, then lets proceed and get to know which things are required to start a blog .

You can do blogging with two ways
1 . Free Blogging
2 . Paid Blogging

There are some things you have to understand that you can write article by creating a Free blog and start earning money with that too . But in free blog you get too much limitation / less feature compared to paid blog .

In free blogging you not get to see any customer support so , if any problem occur you have to solve that problem by yourself . This can create a problem for you if you didn’t have enough technical knowledge and free blog are very difficult to rank in google .

See Many people start blogging as a hobby, due to which they take a lot of time to get success. You have to see blogging less as a hobby and more as a business. As in business there are some investment has to be made before starting a business, similarly some investment has to be made before starting a blog .

But the good thing is that you do not have to spend so much in blogging like we do before starting a business , you can do blogging comfortably for a year in just 60 to 70 $ .

That’s why i suggest you if you really want to do blogging and earn money from it then do little bit investment in it . But if you want to learn blogging then free blogging is best for you .

In order to create a paid blog you have to purchase a .com domain and hosting . You can buy domain from anywhere but for hosting buy it from trusted website like Hostinger because their service is very good and they provides hosting at affordable price . Their WordPress hosting plan is quite good, it is also affordable for beginners this help you to start a blog without investing soo much in it .


If you want to see their plan click here – Hostinger plan

see Hosting is a very important thing for your blog , its a back end of your blog where all the things related to blog store . A good hosting also help your blog to load as soon as possible and their down time is also very low , if you compare to other cheap hosting companies .

If you want to know more about how to start a blog then read our detailed article here – Start a Blog .

So far we have known what is a blog and what are the things that are needed to start blogging. lets proceed and get to know how to make money form blogging .

How to Make Money From Blogging

So far you have created your blog , written some blog post and some traffic has started coming in it. Now you can (finally!) start looking into ways to make a profit from it.

Today I am going to share some 10 proven ways to make money from blog , with the help of these method you got to know how to make money from your blog .

These are the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger:

1. Ads Network like AdSense,

AdSense is the best way to earn money from blog, today there are many bloggers who are earning very good money ever month with the help of AdSense only and their one of the main source of income from is AdSense . How to make money from adsenseAdSense is a product of Google, due to which it is the safest and one of the highest paying Ads Network companies.

But to get approval of AdSense is not easy because their rules are so strict . In order to get AdSense approval you have to write at least 20 quality content on your blog and your blog have to be at least one or two month old .

AdSense approval process of strict because they are one of the highest paying Ads Network companies in the market . They cannot approve anyone who simply has a blog or website , without having quality content on it .

there are many companies in the market who pay you to put their ads on your website, But if you put any untrusted company ad on your website or blog, then the chances of getting the website penalized from Google is high because Google considers that type of ad as a spam due to which your website will not be able to rank and that type of ad slow down your website speed also .

That’s why You should try to get Google AdSense Approval on your blog as soon as possible, because Google AdSense is the most popular name in Ads Network Company.

But in any means if you not able to get AdSense approval then you can also use This company is also one of the highest paying Ads Network companies in the market .

2 .Direct Advertisement

Direct advertising is by far the best way by which you can earn a lot of money from your in a short time.

If you are thinking what is direct advertisement ? then , In Direct advertisement you just have to put an ad in your blog by any company you have joined . and also you didn’t need to get click on your ad to get money from it . Because direct advertisement work on CPM ( cost per mile ) which means you get money for every thousand views . 

This is a very good way to earn by doing Ads Show on your blog because in Ads Network you need to get click on your ad to get money which is very difficult if you compare with direct advertisement .

in early days of blogging , direct advertisement is one the best way to get money from your blog because you did not need to worry about getting clicks on your ad , you will get money of every thousand views you get on your blog .

In Blogging the best things is that you can use many ways at one time to earn money from your blog . you can use ad network and direct advertisement at a same time to earn money form your blog .

3. Sell ​​your own E-Books:

Selling your own E-Book is also one of the best way to earn money from a blog/website . Today there are many people who have tremendous knowledge about some topic but they are not able to share it with other people Because they don’t know how to share those knowledge with other people and make money from it . 

How to make money from blogging , ebookIf you also have some knowledge related to any topic and if you want to share those knowledge with other and make money from it , then E-Book is the best way .

If you have followed the Top Blogger carefully , then you would know that they all sell their E-Book online. They share their knowledge in the form of E-Book to other people and make money from it .

so , if you want to know how to write an E-Book, then firstly you have to choose only a topic in which you have a lot of knowledge. Then you have to write about that topic and create an E-Book , you can use MS word like software to write an E-Book . After that create a E-Book cover Using online software like canva or You can also use online services like Fiverr to get the book cover design done so that your books will look attractive, which will also be good for sale. remember that if your E-Book cover doesn’t look good then chances of getting higher sale is very less .

Initially you will see many problem but when you get experience with time, you can easily generate passive income from it. You can list your books on Amazon and many such e-commerce site which will increase your passive earning.

In beginning, there are high possibility that you may not see sell of single E-Book because you are an unknown person and your blog doesn’t become a brand till now but as traffic will start coming to your blog and your blog’s Brand Value started increasing , then your E-Book sales will also start increasing.

This is how you can create a E-Book and make money from it .

4. Native Advertising

Native Advertisement may doesn’t work for new blogger but it work for many blogger who working on their site for quite some time .

Native Advertisement are useful for those bloggers who run websites related to news and jobs category . if you also writing on these category then it may also work for you .

Lets get to know how Native Advertisement work ? In Native Advertisement , the ads which are shown on your blog in related to your content .

Like this .

How to make money from blogging

This type of ad does not seem unusual to the user , that’s why it create high chance to get click on these type of ad . Native ads show the same type of ads which user wants to see, that’s why earning in native advertisement is also high .

This is some top native advertising company that pays you high money .

Outbrain (High-quality native ads)
AdSense (AdSense also offers native ads)

5. Launch online course

Today there are many people who doesn’t have any skill that’s why they are not capable to earn money online .

so , If you have any type of skill like you know video editing well or you know well about digital market or you have good knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you can sell all these skills by making an online course .

All you have to do is record the video of your course well, then edit it nicely and list it to sell on your blog that’s it , because These days online course are on boom that create a high chance to earn money from that .

Today there are many bloggers like Neil Patel ( ) who sell their digital market courses, from which they generate a lot of money every month .

that’s why I am telling you to create online course and sell through your blog . If you are having problem in selling your course, then you can use these platforms .

New Kajabi

6 . Paid reviews / Sponsored posts

These days there are many companies who ask you to review their product and then write a detailed article on that product. If you write the article well and that company likes your article, then they pays you money which is also called Paid Reviews and Sponsored Posts.

Now if you are thinking how you find these type of companies who willing to pay you for a well written article ? Then this depend on how big blogger you are or you can say how popular blogger you are .

In starting when you are not a big blogger and your blog doesn’t have high brand vale then you have to approach these type of company by yourself , and show your work to them . If they like your article then they will give you work.

But if you are not able to do contact with these company then today there are many type of sites that introduce you to these type of company. You just have to show your work by making a profile on there website , after that company will see your profile and if they like your work , they will appoint you by itself.

As your work increases, the value of your blog will increase, by the way, you will start getting offers from the front.

Today a blogger charges from 500 to 5000 dollars for a sponsor post. Sponsor post earning totally depend on your blog value , if your blog value is low then you get low amount for sponsor post and if your blog value is high then you get high amount for sponsor post . 

7 . Run campaign for brands

These days there are many brands and startups who need brand Promotion in their early days to grow there business as soon as possible . These brands and startups have so much funding that they not worry about spending extra on Brand promotion.

They find blogger , youtuber and influencer to promote their business . that’s why brand premutation is the one of the best way to earn money through your blog .

Because in Brand Promotion you do not have to worry about the getting clicks to earn money from it , You just have to put a banner ad or video ad in your blog That’s it .

Your work is only have to introduce the company to the targeted audience, so that the company gets maximum benefit.

If you are thinking that how will you find a company who want to run the campaign on your blog ?

so let me tell you , In initially days when your blog in not so popular then you have to approach these type of company by yourself .

One of the best way to find these type of company is through LinkedIn . You have to follow newly established startups or company , and approach them that your want to run a campaign from them to grow their business as soon as possible .

There are chance that you not get any reply or they reject your offer but you have to try , After your blog become successful you don’t have to approach them by yourself , they approach you itself .

Today many bloggers are increasing their income by collaborating with different brands. You can follow them all to see how they are doing brand collaboration .

This is how you make money from your blog through brand campaign .

8 . Offer Services based on your skills

In today’s time, if you have any good skill, then you can easily earn from 100 to 2000 dollars a month. whether it is to create a logo or to write content, you can earn by offering that skill in which you are good.

These days there are many small bloggers who have a lot of knowledge related to Content Writing, SEO, WordPress, Hosting . But Due to his blog is not popular , he is not able to make enough money .

That’s why these type of people offer their skill to make money from it . They provide online service to those people who need their services and earn 500 to 1000 dollars a month.

To give you a rough idea , Today a Content Writer charges 300 to 1000 dollars for writing an article and website builder charges 500 to 1500 dollars to create a website .

So you can get an idea from this , that how much you can earn by giving online service.

If you thinking how you will provide online service to your customers, then there are many ways for this too. If you want, you can list all those services which you are able to do by creating a page on your blog.

After seeing the list of services , if anybody want your services then they are able to contact you with the help of your blog . you can also give your service to your customers by creating a Facebook page or Instagram page. Try to give the best service by giving low price in the beginning.

You may have to work for free in the beginning because no one will be able to trust you in the beginning. When you win the trust of your customers and they will be happy with your service, then they themselves will bring you customers, after that you can charge them double and able to earn good earning.

9 . Affiliate Marketing 

When the pandemic hit our country and all the markets were about to be closed, the only market that was booming is the online market.

With this you can get an idea of ​​how much potential there in the online market.

Today many people prefer to buy things online instead of offline, due to which the online market is getting bigger day by day. How to make money from affiliate marketingIn such a situation, if you do affiliate marketing with the help of your blog, then you will be able to earn a good amount of money per month.

Affiliate marketing is not a very difficult thing, you just have to list the product on your blog and add affiliate link to it. Whenever someone buy product with the help of that link, you will get commission from it.

like As if you have listed any Amazon product on your blog, then whenever someone clicks on that link and buy a product from Amazon, you will get commission from it.

In this way you can earn a lot of money from your blog by doing affiliate marketing. 

10 . Paid Guest Post

These days there are many such blogs / websites that take money from people for guest posting. If you also have a blog whose Domain Authority is very good, then you can take money from people to guest post on your blog / website.

if you are wondering what is guest post ? then I give you a rough idea about that . Guest Post help to increase Domain Authority of your blog .

When you create a blog then your blog domain authority is zero , so in order to increase your domain authority , you have to create backlink for your domain .

If you create a good do-follow backlink then your domain authority is start increasing and your article start getting rank on google page .

that’s why high domain authority is important .

If you do paid guest posting then Both people get benefit from it . if you do guest post by visiting a website, you get a good DO-Follow Backlink and that website owner get a good piece of content.

If you have a website with a good Domain Authority, then you can earn from $ 100 to $ 500 a month through Guest Post.

But I would like to tell you one thing about Guest Post is that , you should not take money from small bloggers whose DA is less than 30 because their are few blogger who helps small bloggers to grow . You can take money from big bloggers whose bloggers whose DA is above 30. 


I have told you everything I knew about How to Make Money From Blogging .

Now you have to see which of these methods suits you. If you are serious about blogging then you will definitely find How to Make Money From Blogging .

Before starting blogging, keep in mind that you have to be consistent in it, only then you will get success. Nowadays people write blogs on different topics, due to which they don’t get success in blogging . You have to work continuously for 6 months to 1 year only on one topic , then you will get success.

You will never get overnight success in blogging, if you are starting blogging thinking this, then you should not do blogging because both your time and money will be wasted in it.

If you want to ask anything else related to How to make money from blogging , then you can ask us by commenting or you can ask us by following on our Instagram Page Techy Troops, we will do our best to answer your question.

Thank you for giving your precious time to read my article .

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