How to start blogging in 20201 – Free [ Best Guide For Beginners]


How to start blogging [ Best Guide For Beginners] 

Today blogging is the best way, if you want to earn money every month sitting at home, but many people do not know what is blogging? How to start blogging ? or How to Make money from Blogging .

In this article, we will try to understand all the things related to blogging like how to start blogging and How to earn money from blogging .

Today there are many people who are not happy with their job and they want to quit their job but due to some compulsions they are unable to quit their job. They do not even have Enough knowledge that in today’s world, There are many people who are earning money sitting at home .

if you want to earn money sitting at home then blogging is the best way to do that . If you have even a little knowledge about blogging, then you must have known Harsh Agarwal Sir who is the founder of

He guides people by writing articles on all these topics like Digital Marketing, Online Earning, Affiliate Marketing on his blog and earns money from it. He is a top blogger in Digital and Affiliate Marketing niche .

Today there are many other bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Kulwant Negi who are running their blog like a business. You will not believe that today all of them are earning 20 – 25 Lakhs (INR) a month from their blog.

So lets get started but before knowing how to make money from blogging we have to know what is Blogging .

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What is blogging?

Today many people want to start blogging but they do not even know from where to start .Before we learn how to start a blog , it is very important to know what is blogging and how it works.

Blog is a type of website on which you write your content and put it. Content can be on any topic and you can write your content in any language. But that content should be yours and should be unique.

Today technology has become so easy that any person can start his own blog. To start blogging it is not necessary that you have much knowledge of technology or coding. Whether you are a teacher or a business man, today anyone can start blogging and Share their knowledge through the Internet .

These days people do blogging only because of two reasons, first to be popular by sharing their knowledge with people and secondly to earn money with the help of that knowledge.

You may also have one of these two reasons because of which you want to start blogging, but before starting a blog and earning money from blogging, you must remember that if you want to earn money from blogging for a long time. If so, first of all you should get the trust of the people from your blog.

You will be able to earn money from blogging only when people start trusting you. For this, you only write Quality Content on your blog and do not give Wrong Information to your Audience.

now you have all the information regarding what is blogging then let’s proceed and know how to start a blogging step by step

How To Start Blogging Step by step 

To know how to start a blog you should know that there are several steps to start blogging . By following these steps given below you can can create your own blog in 20 minutes and earn money from it.

  • Choose a Topic for your Blog
  • Choose your blog name
  • Choose Blogging Platform, Blogger Vs WordPress
  • Customize Your Blog
  • Write the first blog post
  • Promote Your Blog
  • Start Earning from your blog 

1 . Choose a Topic for your Blog

Before knowing how to start a blog you have to know that on which topic you will do blogging because today more than 600 million blogs / websites are available on the Internet. Many of these blog owner got success in blogging and some did not. The main reason behind those who are not able to get success in blogging is that they do not even know on which topic they want to write a blog.

They start writing articles of all categories on their blog, due to which their blog is not able to rank, that’s why they do not get success in blogging. If you want to be successful in blogging, for that you should write a post on a single category / topic on your blog .Then your blog will target only specific category users which is good for SEO and Google will also rank these Type such blog quickly.

You should choose the topic of your blog about which you have good knowledge like if you have knowledge related to technology then you can make your blog on Tech Related topic. If you have good knowledge about Smartphones, then you should create a blog only on smartphone related topic .

I will tell you that choose a topic or niche related to your hobby and passion because if you write on a topic You not like then you will never be able to succeed.

In the initial days of blogging, you have to work hard, if you do not Like and Enjoying what you are doing then you will not be able to continue for long Time and Give-up on Blogging after sometime. If you not like writing then you can hire a Content Writer to write a blog post for you , but this way it may take a long time for you to get success.

It may happen that Because of content writer you not able to get success that’s why I would give you a suggestion that if you want to start blogging , then you should write content on your own so you will able to express your thoughts and emotion with the help of your content .

2 . Choose your blog name

If you have decided the topic for your blog, then through this you can choose the name of your blog. Topic contributes a lot in choosing the name of the blog.

If you want to put content related to technology on your blog, then you should Add some word related to Tech or Technology in the name of your blog. As the name of my blog is Techy Troops, I have used Tech Word in my blog name That’s why I write Content Related to Tech or Technology .

If the name of your blog is related to your blog topic then it is better in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this increases the chances of your blog getting ranked quickly.

Like if the topic of your blog is related to blogging, then you can name your blog as Guide Blogging, Pro Blogging . This way your blog name will be on the topic of your blog, that help your blog to rank quickly in Google .

But It is not necessary that your blog name should be on the topic of your blog. If you want you can also blog with your name, this will increase the value of your name and you will be able to do your own branding which is also called Personal Branding today.

There are many People who not use any topic related word in there blog name but still they are successful today , so it is up to you . if you already decided your blog name then its fine but if not then try to use topic related word in your blog name .

For Example Neil Patel Sir, who is the owner of, He made a blog on his own name but the topic of the blog is digital marketing.
The surprising thing is that There is nothing related to digital marketing in both the name and the URL of his blog, but still today he is one of the top digital marketers because He did his own branding which is called Personal Branding.

So it is not necessary that in the name of your blog there must be some words related to your topic.

3. Choose Blogging Platform, Blogger Vs WordPress

By now you must have decided that on which topic you want to create a blog , but before starting a blog it is important to know that on which platform you would like to do blogging because today there are two ways of Blogging .

How to start blogging

1 . Free Blogging
2. Paid Blogging 

so let’s know in detail about these option

To start blogging you need a domain and a hosting. In Free Blogging, you get both these things for free but in Paid Blogging you have to buy both of these things.

Both Free Blogging and Paid Blogging have different features.

In Free Blogging you Get these features

  1. Domain and Hosting Free for Lifetime
  2. If you create your blog on, then your blog will never be down and will not be hacked because you get Google’s security in it.
  3. You cannot able to customize your blog to much because you will get to see very few features in it .
  4. Extension has been used in the blog domain, due to which the blog is not ranked quickly.
    Ex. www.Techytroops.Blogspot.comPlatform- and
  5. In this you do not get any support, if there is a problem, then it has to be solved by itself.

In Paid Blogging you Get these features

  1. You will have to pay for domain and hosting
  2. If your hosting or domain expires, then the blog will be down and there is a chance of getting hacked because in this you have to secure the blog by yourself.
  3. You can customize your blog according to you and you get a lot of features in it. Due to which blogging becomes easy.
  4. No extension has to be used in the blog domain, due to which it is easy to rank the blog.
    Popular Platform –
  5. In this you get 24 * 7 support. If you face any problem related to the platform, then you can contact your Hosting or Domain Company .they will help you to solve your problem as soon as possible.

These are all the difference between Free Blogging and Paid Blogging. Now it is up to you to decide which platform you would like to choose.

If you want to do free blogging, then you should use because it is a product of Google, due to this it is quite safe.

For free blogging, you just have to create an account on using your Gmail account, after that you can write Blog post.

how to start blogging

For Paid Blogging, you have to take a Domain and Hosting.

You can take the domain from anywhere but it should be .com domain and you can buy hosting from Hostinger because their service is very good and they provides 24 * 7 support.

If you are a little serious about blogging and want to earn money online, then invest a little amount of money in your blog and take a domain and hosting and start blogging on WordPress only.

Think blogging as a Business Point of View, can you earn money without investment in business?
that’s why you should spend a little money amount of money on Domain and hosting and start a Professional blog .

WordPress is considered to be the best platform for blogging because you get unlimited customization and great support in it. 39% of all bloggers in the world use for blogging.

I also use WordPress for blogging and use Hostinger hosting and so far my experience is quite good. If you also want to use Hostinger hosting , then you can see their cheapest plans by clicking here – Hostinger Plans


If you want to know more about Web Hosting than you can read our article What is Web Hosting and from where to buy it .

If you face any problem in creating your blog, then you can ask us by commenting and you can also contact us on Instagram page .

4. Customize Your Blog

This is Step 4 of How to Start Blogging , in which you have to make your blog attractive by customize. Today more than 40% people close the blog as soon as they open it due to not looking attractive .

As you must be aware that if the food does not look good, then it is not fun to eat that food. Similarly to attract audience you have to customize your blog well. You can do customization in many ways, such as if you have created a blog on, then you can customize it through Theme. Today there are many such themes available on the internet, using which you can give a professional look to your blog.

To customize your blog, you can add many things to it but keep in mind dont do too much customization , you can keep the color of your blog according to your mind. Due to which your blog can look attractive and different .

In Free Blogging, you can only change the theme to customize your blog and you cannot do much, but in the Paid Blogging WordPress have soo many plugins , With the help of those plugin you can customize your blog according to your need .

5. Write The First Blog Post

This is the most important step of How to start blogging . You must know that the most difficult step in starting any work is taking the first step, because we do not even know from where to start the work.

I remember when I wrote my first blog post, many things were running in my mind like whether people will like it or not, I have written well or not.

But somehow I published my first blog post, I know that it was not good enough but I had to start somewhere . I started that day, that’s why I am able to write something better today. So you also have to start from somewhere, then you will be able to succeed in the future.

If you not write a blog post now you will never able to know how to start blogging . so You should publish your first blog post as soon as possible, do not wait that when your blog is perfect, then you will publish your blog post, no blogger becomes a professional in a day, but one day he surely become .

These Steps you have to follow to write your first blog post .

  • To write your first blog post, go to the first post and click on Add New.

How to write post on wordpress

  • After that, write your post title then your Content and add some image related to your content and publish it . its so simple .

By following these steps, you will be able to publish your first blog post.

After doing all these steps, add your blog to Google Search Console, this tool will add your site to Google’s database and your posts will start ranking in Google as soon as possible.

In Blogger, you have to add a code in header section of your blog to connect with Google Search Console and in WordPress you have options like if you able to do it manually , you can do it but if you are not able to do it manually you can do this with the help of some plugin .

If you face any other problem related to this then you can watch video on YouTube related to this problem .

6. Promote Your Blog

Now you have made your own blog and also publish your first blog post as well. Now the most difficult step comes that How traffic or People come to your blog. If you know about SEO and you written your Blog Post SEO Optimized, then Organic Traffic will start coming to your blog through Google.

In the initial days, very few people are able to write Fully Optimized SEO Post, so do not panic. You can also bring traffic to your blog by using social media.

Promote Blog On Different Social Media

You know today all top bloggers bring traffic to their blog posts by using the 80/20 formula. He spends 20% of his time in writing a blog post and 80% in promoting it. A few years ago today , you only need a quality content to rank on google .

As time passed and the number of bloggers increased, people shifted from quantity to quality. Today there are many bloggers who write only one or two blog posts in a month but write quality posts and spend more and more time on promoting it.

Due to which the traffic on his blog post keeps increasing day by day. Thats why this suggestion will be given to you that you should pay attention to the quality of your blog post and promote it well on all social media.

To Promoting your blog you can create a page on all social media with the name of your blog , after that whenever you write an article on your blog, share it on all your social media accounts, through this you will be able to bring traffic to your blog in the initial days.

You can join your Niche / Topic related group on Facebook and Instagram and through that you can bring traffic to your blog post. You can also create a group on social media and share your blog post on those group as well .

You can also promote your blog post through Comments, for this you have to go on someone else blog and comment something related to that blog post and share your blog link in that comment box . whenever people click on that link they come to your blog .

Guest posting is also a very good way through which you can bring visitor to your blog. For this, you can go to someone else blog and take permission from them and write a blog post for their blog and give a link to your blog in that post.

Visitors of that blog will come to your blog by clicking on that link, this is also a good way through which you can promote your blog.

There are many other ways through which you can promote your blog post, but the way I have told you is one of the best and most used methods.

7. Start Earning from your blog

So far you have created your own blog and written few blog post and published also and now good traffic has started coming on it, now the most important thing is that how you will earn money from your blog.

how to earn from blogging is a very big topic on which I have already written an article which you can read by clicking here – earn money from blogging .

Now Let me tell you some ways here as well. There are many such ways through which you can earn Money from blogging , but there are only a few ways which are most popular and trusted .

Ads Network

Today the most popular way is to earn money from blogging is by placing ads on your blog , and trust me people are earning millions of a month by using this method . AdSense and media. Net’s Ads network is the most popular .


To get AdSense Approval, you should have 30+ Quality Content on your blog and your blog should be 6 months old, only then you will get AdSense Approval. But some people get it even in 1 month, then you just keep it in mind that 30 + content and 1 or 2 month old website is enough to get AdSense approval. 

There are some problem in getting approval in is that it only approves English blog, so if your blog is in English then you can apply for it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a very good source today through which you can earn from your blog. You will find many such websites that give you money to promote their products.

If you want to know more about How to make money from blogging then you can read our detailed article here – Make money from blogging 


I told you almost everything on how to start blogging. Now you have enough knowledge to start your blogging journey but remember one thing that Today many people want to earn money by blogging, but they do not want to spend money on blogging.

I would give you the same advice that if you also want to earn money by blogging, then you should learn how to invest on yourself, whether it is to buy a domain, buy hosting or any online course, do not think about spending money on yourself.

If you do not invest money or time on yourself then you will never able to learn how to earn money online.

If you face any other problem related to this Topic How to start blogging then you can contact us on our social handles.

Hello friends welcome to Techy Troops Blog . I am the technical author of Techy troops. Talking about my education, I am currently studying engineering. I do blogging in whatever free time I get after studying and I try to provide quality content to all of you. Hope You Like it .


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