Android 13 Features , may come with iOS-like Airdrop feature to transfer media


Android 13 Features – As we all know that Android has evolved a lot in the last few years, from Android 1 (Petit Four) to Android 12 (Snow cone) Android has changed a lot.

But now the time has come that it should be increased to another level so that we get to use more great features. Recently, some leaks have come regarded Android 13 , which is the upgraded version of Android 12 .

As we all know that Android 12 still appears to be quite new and fresh but there is no harm in discussing rumored features for Android 13.

In the leaks that have come out about the feature of Android 13, it has been told that Android 13 may come with an iOS like Tap to Transfer media feature.

The feature will apparently allow devices running Android 13 to transfer media from their phone to a nearby speaker or other devices. Apart from this feature , there are also some more details regarding another features of android 13 that may come in the update . so lets get to know about them in details .  

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Android 13 Full feature Details 

In a new report that has surfaced regarding Android 13, it has been claimed that the next-generation Android 13 platform will allow apps to transfer media to nearby devices with a single tap. UI demos made by Google to show off a new “Media TTT” feature which is going to come in Android 13.

Android 13 Features

The Media TTT stand for Media “tap to transfer,” And a part of it is a chip notification that pops up with info relating to one’s proximity to a receiver device such as another phone or a Chromecast device.

The feature will apparently allow devices running Android 13 to transfer media from their phone to a nearby speaker or other devices simply by getting near that source.

Again, this is all the information currently at hand regarding the Android 13 Media TTT feature and the rest is only speculation and It isn’t also clear that how this feature is going to work .

Another feature expected to be added to Android 13 is called “Panlingual.” This will allow users to change the language preference for each individual app instead of making one language selection for the entire operating system.

The first developer preview for Android 13 could be launched next month. With the final version of Android 13 being released next year.

Apart form This there are also some another news coming that Google recently announced a preview of Android 12L, which is a specialized version of Android 12 designed for larger displays like tablets.

The idea here is to provide users on tablets, foldable, and Chrome OS laptops anything with a screen above 600 dp with an improved user interface.

These are the all the information regarding the new android 13 which we currently know right now . I will update this article in future if we get to know some more feature of Android 13 . So stay tuned for that .

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