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Facebook Messenger New Feature – As we all know that in today’s world , how much privacy mean to all of us . As we started using social media more , we also get this fear that what if our private chats get leak .

That’s why we do everything we know to keep our private chats safe, whether to set strong password of our account or to enable two-factor authentication but after doing all of this .

Still Sometime our private chats get leaked , and this is all because of the other person with whom you are talking , who take screenshot of all your chats and then leaks those chats .

The other person might be your angry ex – Boyfriend or girlfriends who leak your chats or a person whom you consider your best friend but he is not . All these things can create so many problems in your life that you cannot even imagine.

That’s why to keep your private chats safe , Facebook roll out an update in there messenger app that give you an alert when someone takes screenshot of your chats .

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Facebook Messenger New Feature 

Facebook has recently roll out an update that make their Secret Conversation feature more better . Basically what they did is that they make their secret conversation more secure with End-to-End encrypted (E2EE) communication .

In addition to this , they have also added an alert function that will give you a notification message if someone try to take screenshots a disappearing message .

Apart form this they also added a feature that make secret conversation more like regular conversation , which means now you can send and receive GIFs and stickers in secret conversation and able to forward your secret message chats to other people.

Mark Zuckerberg who is the owner of Facebook share this news through a Facebook post . In that post there is a picture of a chat between Priscilla Chen and Mark Zuckerberg, with the help that chat they show how screenshot alert feature work .

Facebook messenger new feature

let me tell you one thing is that the screenshot feature was present before but it is only available in vanish mode , Now this feature is roll our in secret conversation where Disappearing messages is enable .

They also added swipe to replay feature in secret conversation message , that make easy for users to react or replay on some specific message and if you long press on photo or videos which are present in secret conservation , now you can save those photo and video in your smartphone.

These are all the Facebook Messenger New Feature , I hope you like our article . 

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