Amazon AWS adds M1 Mac mini to its cloud service


Amazon AWS Cloud Service – Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer has made an announcement that from now on Amazon AWS cloud user can now use M1 Apple Silicon Mac mini devices in selected areas. 

This announcement is made during the company’s AWS re: invent keynote presentation . 

last year in December 2020 Amazon has announced that they added Intel Mac mini devices to their Amazon AWS Cloud Service but the Problem with Intel mac mini is that they are based on 2018 Mac Mini powered by the 8th generation Intel Core processors . 

That’s why amazon has Decided to add new Apple M1 Mac mini devices to their cloud service . 

Amazon AWS

Benefit Of Amazon AWS Cloud Service 

if you are thinking that what’s new you get to see on Amazon AWS platform or what Benefit You will get with these new Apple M1 Mac mini devices in Cloud Services , Then I want to tell you is that Now Amazon AWS has New EC2 M1 Mac Instances which will allow you to develop build test and sign Apple apps on Amazon EC2 .

Amazon has also clam that new machines offer “60% better price performance over the x86-based EC2 Mac instances for iPhone and Mac app build workloads.” 

 AWS’s official blog post on the announcement Tells that The Mac Minis will “attached through Thunderbolt to the AWS Nitro System, which lets the Mac mini appear and behave like another EC2 instance”.

Each Instance will come with an 8-Core Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM. There’s no hypervisor involved and therefore you get the full bare metal, unadulterated performance you’d expect from a dedicated server. 

Initially the new M1 Macs will be available in two regions, US West – Oregon, and US East – North Virginia. They cost $0.6498 per hour to use, down from over a dollar per hour on release.

Here are all the details of Amazon AWS new EC2 M1 Mac Instances , lets Proceed in the article and get little info about Apple M1 Mac Mini .

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About Apple M1 Mac Mini 

The new Apple M1 mac mini is launched in November 2020 low-end and mid-tier models equipped with the M1 chip .  Apple M1 Chip are the first Apple-designed Arm-based chip for Mac that Apple has introduced . 

When the first time apple has announced that this time they are going to use new m1 chip for mac , then everyone got surprised because apple has not made any changes in their mac since October 2018 . 

 The new apple M1 models are sold alongside a higher-end model with a 6-core Intel Core i5 8th generation chip. 

The M1 chip in the Mac mini is Apple’s first System on a Chip for Mac, integrating GPU, CPU, RAM, and other components for improved performance and efficiency. The M1 in the Mac mini has an 8-core CPU with four high-efficiency cores and four high-performance cores along with an integrated GPU that has 8 cores. 

The new apple mac mini offers 3x faster performance than the previous-generation entry-level model and the GPU offers 6x better graphics performance. 

Machine learning workloads are up to 15x faster thanks to the 16-core Neural Engine, and the Mac mini is 5x faster than the best-selling Windows desktop in its price range. 

There are no design changes to the Mac mini, and it continues to feature a flat, square-shaped 1.4-inch thick, 7.7-inch wide aluminum unibody enclosure. The M1 Mac mini is available in Silver, while the Intel Mac mini is available in Space Gray.

Apple says the M1 Mac mini’s advanced thermal design sustains performance while the machine remains cool and quiet. It is configurable with up to 16GB RAM, while the Intel model can support up to 64GB. Both models can be upgraded to up to 2TB storage space.

The M1 Mac mini supports a single display in full 6K resolution and one 4K display over HDMI, while the prior-generation models support up to two 5K displays. Other features include WiFi 6 support for faster WiFi speeds, and a Secure Enclave for improved security. The M1 Mac mini has two Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 ports, two USB-A ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, and Ethernet. 

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