How to earn money From Quora – Best Guide { 2021 }


How to earn money from Quora ? If you have ever searched on the internet about how to earn money online, So you must have heard the name of Quora somewhere and tried to know more about it like What is Quora and how to earn money from Quora .

That’s why with the help of this article I am going to give you all the information related to Quora , so you can understand how Quora works and How you can make money from Quora .

These days technology is developing so fast and it is becoming so easy use , that anyone can start making money with the help of internet sitting at home . Today there are many ways available on the internet through which you can earn money . but in this article i only talk about Quora and how you can earn Quora money by answering some questions.

If you not getting idea of what i am talking about , then don’t get panic . With the help of this article we are going to learn about how you can earn money by answering some questions on Quora .

If you know about Quora then it is good but if you don’t know about it – Quora is a platform where you get paid for asking questions and answering those questions that already asked .

These days there are many bloggers who use Quora to get traffic on their website or to sell Affiliate Products,

but today I am going to tell you about How can you earn money from Quora Partner Program? But before that we have to know what is Quora

What is Quora ?

Quora is basically a question and answer Forum where people ask the answer of their question . People from all over the world use Quora to ask answer of their question or some use for gain knowledge or to connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

If you’re wondering how Quora works, let’s say you have a question that you don’t know the answer to. So what can you do that you can put that question on Quora and whoever knows the answer to that question will answer your question.

On Quora, you will find people belonging to many different categories. So in such a situation, whether your question is of any category, you will definitely get the answer to your question.

If you are wondering how many people would use Quora, then I would like to tell you that the Monthly Traffic of Quora is about 300 million and the World Ranking of this website is 81. Now you must have got an idea of how Popular Quora is.

Another reason why Quora is so popular is that it is also available in many different languages, so people from different places can easily use it in their native language.

Apart from this one thing i like very much about Quora is that when you ask any question on Quora , then Quora gives you the option to choose people ( based on their Qualification and knowledge ) from whom you want to get answer of your question .

This Feature send notification to all those people you have selected to answer your question . and when they give answer of your question you also get notification .So with the help of this feature its ensure that you get right answer of your question .

In Quora You will get to see so many questions that many of them are ranking on google like organic keyword. Some SEO experts are believed that Quora is ranking on more than 12 crore organic keywords, some of these keywords are so unique that A common blogger cannot even think about it.

Because of ranking on so many organic keywords , this is one of the main reason behind so much organic traffic on Quora.

By now you must have got some idea on what is Quora and how Quora works . then lets proceed and get to know how to earn money from Quora .

How To Earn Money From Quora 

You can earn money from Quora through Quora Partner Program . this program is Recently launched by Quora to motivate people to answer more question on Quora and earn money from it .

In this program you have to answer the question asked by the people on Quora and in return you get money, this program was earlier available only in USA but few months ago it was launched for all other countries also.

Now you must be thinking that how does it work? So let me tell you that whenever you answer a question on Quora, Quora runs some ads in that answer, The more views you get on your answer, the more money Quora will earn. after that Quora give you some money which he earn through your answer .

this is how Quora partner program work . Now you must be thinking that how can you join the Quora Partner Program, do you have to pass any criteria to join the Quora Partner Program? So yes, to join the Quora Partner Program and earn money from Quora, you first have to get more than 1 lakh views on your question and answer, and the user’s engagement on your question and answer should also be good.

After this you get an invitation from Quora through which you can join the Quora partner program. There are some other terms and conditions like upvote whatever answer you like on Quora or you have to downvote the one you don’t like and maintain your profile well.

Because Quora sends Invitation for Partner Program to only those people who follow Quora’s policy well, so try to do not break any policy because Quora’s robot follows all accounts very well and look for those who break Quora rules .

so Whenever a Quora account breaks the rule, it give them a warning, the account which gets warning for breaking rules on Quora have less chances of joining the Quora partner program.

Therefore, if you follow all the rules of Quora well, then you will soon get an invitation to join the Quora Partner Program .

All the rules I have told you to join the Quora Partner Program are just an example, because Quora has not yet issued any such guidelines regarding the Quora Partner Program, but people who have got the Invitation to join the Quora Partner Program has followed all the rules carefully . that’s why i told you so you can get invitation

How much money can you earn from Quora Partner Program?

Now you know how to earn money from Quora Partner program But do you know how much money you can earn from Quora Partner Program?

Quora Partner Program Earning depend on country to country , Because the advertiser from countries like Uk , US spend more money on ads so you can earn more money but in India advertiser not spend so much on advertising that’s why you earn less money if your answer getting traffic form India .

How to Earn Money From Quora

Due to this region the people of India earn much less , if we compare it with the people of other countries, So if you live in India and most of your views come from India then you income going to be very low but if your answer getting traffic from Outside India then there are very good chances you can make very good money from Quora Partner program .

In the Quora Partner Program, when your income starts, at First you have to complete the threshold amount of $10, then you get paid. When you complete the $10 mark, then Quora tells you to link your PayPal account with your Quora Account, in which you get payment . later on you can transfer to your Money to your bank account .

I hope you have got all the information related to Quora Partner Program . Now let’s proceed to get to know how you can earn money from Quora without joining Quora Partner Program. 

Different Ways to earn Money From Quora 

Apart from Quora Partner Program , you can earn money from Quora even without joining Quora Partner Program, you must be thinking how can this happen? So let’s know about it .

These days there are many people who are earning good money from Quora even without joining Quora Partner Program . As we know that Quora is a very big website and the traffic comes to Quora everyday is also huge .

So many people take advantage of this thing and earn money from Quora because there is already traffic on Quora, so you don’t have to worry about traffic. only you have to give is good content and you will be able to earn money from Quora From so many ways .

Many people use Quora for

  • To bring traffic to the blog
  • To Sell Affiliate Products
  • To sell E-Book
  • To do Personal Branding

So let’s know about all these options one by one.

1. To bring traffic to their blog

Many people use Quora to bring traffic on their blog because in the early days of blogging when there is no traffic or very low traffic on their blog ​. what they do is they send traffic from Quora to their blog

Whenever they writes an answer on Quora related to any article that already present on there blog , then they give a link of that article on that answer. So Whenever a person read that answer on Quora, they come to his blog through that link.

By doing this both are benefited, the blogger gets traffic on his blog and the one who is reading that answer gets Full detailed information related to that answer .

If you are also thinking of doing this, then remember that do not give a link in every answer on Quora because by doing this so often , Quora considers it to be spam and it also happen that Quora can also ban your account. So don’t give links in every answer. 

2 . To Sell Affiliate Products

These days many people also sell Affiliate Products on Quora , and Generate good income, because on Affiliate Products you get to see a commission varying from 20 to 50%, this means that if you sell one product then your earning from affiliate marketing is way more high , if you compare with Quora Partner Program .

That’s why Affiliate marketing work best on Quora . If you are wondering how people do affiliate marketing on Quora then let me tell you that Whenever people give an answer related to any product on Quora, they add an Affiliate Link of that product in there answer .

so If a Person read that answer and if they liked that product then there are high chances that they are going to buy that product by clicking on that link. So by this way the person who wrote that answer gets Commission of that product .

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing then you can read our detailed article on Affiliate Marketing here . 

3. To sell E-Book 

Selling eBooks with the help of Quora is also a very good way to generate Income from it . So if you also have an E-Book written by you then you can easily earn money by selling it on Quora.

But If you do not have E-Book and you have a lot of knowledge on any topic, then you can write E-Book on that topic and Sell it on Quora .

You can Write on any topic but remember that the quality of the content should be good . If your eBook have good and Quality Content then you can able to sell a lot e-book , due to which your income will also be good.

If you do not know how to write e-books, Then there are many tutorials and videos available on YouTube, from which you can take help. 

4. To do Personal Branding

Yes, many people use Quora to do Personal Branding or Create a good Image of their Brand . These people write answers on topics
Related to Lifestyle, Personal Experience . So that they can Impress those people who are reading there answer and they also give a link to their personal social media in their answer, so that people start following them there too.

At first they grow their social media account with the help of Quora and after that they start doing advertisements on it, through which they are also able to earns good amount .

If you also want to know how to increase followers on social media, then you can read Our Detailed article on How to make money Form Social Media .

as of now i told you all the ways through which You can earn money from Quora without joining the Quora Partner Program . But One more thing i want to tell you about is Personal Blog and their benefit .

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Quora Vs Personal Blog

I have told you almost everything about how to earn money from Quora, but now I am going to tell you whether it is better to earn money by answering on Quora or earning money by doing blogging or both .

First of all lets talking about Quora , under the Quora Partner Program , most of the ads which are going to shown in your Quora Answer have a low CPC, this means you are already be earn less income from that answer and above that Quora will also take some part from your income , so due to this your income will become very less.

But In Blogging You will be the complete owner on your personal blog, so whatever income you generate from that blog will be yours, and as you go on blogging, your audience will increase and accordingly your income will also increase.

So if you going to start writing answers on Quora, then you should start blogging too, this will double your income.

and in Quora Very few people are getting invitation to join Quora Partner Program right now and even if you have answered a lot of questions on Quora This doesn’t ensure that you surely get the invitation . By any chance If you didn’t get the invitation your hard work will be wasted. That’s why i suggested you to do blogging along with Quora.

If you do not know how to start blogging, then you can read our guide on how to start blogging, in this you will get all the information related to blogging.

Through blogging, you can start earning from day one, only you have to do is to write good quality article on your blog and then share it on all the social media including Quora. By doing this you can also bring Quora’s traffic to your blog and generate income from it.


In this article, I have given you detailed information about Quora, what is Quora Partner Program, how to earn money from Quora and I hope you have liked this article.

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